Volkswagen Group is one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in the world. We are proud that Volkswagen Slovakia has been an important and stable part of the Group for 25 years. It is our desire to continue consolidating and strengthening this position and we have therefore formulated our vision into a strategy called NUMBER ONE – Successfully into the Future. Our mission is: “As a motivated and strong team we produce innovative products in Slovakia for demanding customers around the world.” Strategy NUMBER ONE comprises four areas that our company considers key for the further development of the company.

In each of the areas we have set measurable medium-term and ambitious long-term goals.


The first perspective that our strategy focuses on is people. Employees are indeed the most important element of a successfully functioning company. They are the pillars of our success and what form our identity. Strategy NUMBER ONE endeavours to create an optimum work and social environment for our employees in order for them to feel satisfied at work and represent our plant.


At Volkswagen Slovakia we realize that it is essential to keep up with the newest trends in the automotive industry. In our company, these trends materialize and are put into practice with each and every launch of a new product into mass production. It is very important to us that this process runs smoothly and therefore, naturally, it is our goal to carry it out within the expected time with quality and constantly work on efficiency.

Mass production

Mass production is our daily bread. Its stability and quality is reflected in the satisfaction and general reaction of our customers to our products, and its effectivity and productivity is reflected in competitiveness in the market. As the Volkswagen Slovakia plant currently produces five brands under one roof, we have a strong commitment to our customers to ensure that our processes and products become increasingly more effective, more innovative and are always of the highest quality.

Economic efficiency

The economic efficiency perspective ensures that the financial aspects of our company’s activities are taken into account. The price of the product is one of the key factors that is directly involved with the customer’s conscious decision to make a purchase. We at Volkswagen Slovakia are therefore constantly working to optimize manufacturing costs.


NUMBER ONE determines the direction of Volkswagen Slovakia’s vision for a successful future. This strategy unites all employees, shapes us and helps create conditions to help us reach our goals. Company principles and values which employees can be proud of are an inseparable part of the strategy.